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Oct 28-30, 2024
Arlington, VA




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Connected Experiences GOVAI

Harnessing AI to Revolutionize the Public Sector

GovAI Summit is the essential conference for public sector leaders to explore the transformative potential of AI in governance. Through insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and real-world use cases, attendees will gain the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities of AI implementation.

House Experience GOVAI

Creating Connected Experiences

For GovAI Summit this year, we believe that small is the new big. We're introducing an exciting new "House" concept that will transform the traditional conference layout and experience. Immerse yourself in intimate, topic-focused spaces that will foster deeper discussions, hands-on learning, and more meaningful connections with like-minded creators, innovators, and public servants like you.

Innovation Across The Public Sector

Explore the Houses at GovAI


Discover the power of Machine Learning, the driving force behind the AI revolution. The Machine Learning House is your destination to dive deep into the algorithms, techniques, and tools that enable machines to learn from data and make intelligent decisions. Whether you're a beginner curious about the fundamentals or an experienced practitioner seeking advanced insights, this house offers a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities.

The Spatial House explores the exciting world of AI applications in spatial domains, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D modeling. Discover how AI is enabling immersive experiences, intelligent navigation, and enhanced spatial understanding. This house also showcases the latest AI-fueled immersive technologies that blend the virtual and physical worlds, creating captivating and interactive environments. Engage with experts, attend demonstrations, and explore the cutting-edge tools and techniques that are redefining spatial AI and immersive experiences.

The Fed AI House is dedicated to AI technologies, innovations, risks, and guardrails across the federal government, agencies, and military. It provides a platform for government officials, policymakers, and industry experts to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of implementing AI in the public sector, with a focus on national security, public services, and governance.

The AI Policy & Ethics House focuses on the critical issues surrounding the development and deployment of AI technologies. It explores topics such as AI governance frameworks, risk management strategies, ethical guidelines, and policy developments. This house brings together policymakers, ethicists, researchers, and industry leaders to discuss the responsible and sustainable advancement of AI.

The Health AI House explores the applications of AI in medical research, clinical practice, and patient care. Engage with healthcare professionals, researchers, and technology experts to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and ethical considerations surrounding AI in healthcare.

The Chief AI Officer (CAIO) House is a dedicated space for C-level executives who are shaping and leading the future of AI within their organizations. This house provides a platform for strategic discussions, peer-to-peer learning, and networking among AI leaders, focusing on the challenges and opportunities of implementing AI at an enterprise level.

The Web3 House explores the convergence of AI and Web3 technologies, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized applications. Engage with innovators, attend workshops, and explore the latest tools and platforms that are driving the Web3 revolution.

The Equity House focuses on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) in the AI ecosystem. It explores the ethical and social implications of AI, addressing issues such as bias, fairness, and representation. This house also examines the structural and talent development aspects of building diverse and inclusive AI teams and strategies within organizations.

Step into the world of Generative AI, where the boundaries of creativity and innovation are pushed to new frontiers. The GenAI House is your gateway to explore the latest advancements in machine learning models that can generate, edit, and manipulate content across various domains. Immerse yourself in an environment that showcases the potential of GenAI technologies and engage with experts who are shaping the future of this exciting field.

The Commerce AI House focuses on the applications of AI in retail, contact centers, travel, and tourism, offering insights and strategies to enhance customer experiences, optimize operations, and drive growth. Connect with industry leaders and discover the future of AI in commerce.

2023 Featured Speakers

Under Secretary for Science and Technology
Head of Strategic Partnerships, Global Affairs
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Chief Data Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Sr. Advisor for Advanced Computing
Next Generation Resource Management System (NGRMS) Program Manager
Director of Enterprise Analytics and Chief Data Officer
Principal Deputy CIO
Director, Center for Enhanced Cybersecurity
Chief Scientist
Director of Digital Strategy
Global AI Lead
Director, Digital Transformation
Division Director
Executive Director
Principal Policy Counsel

Who’ll Be At GovAI Summit

Network and connect with the professionals  shaping the public sector tech industry.


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Monday, October 28

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Innovation Lounge Expo Hall Opens

Evening Reception & Entertainment

Tuesday, October 29


House Activations

Breakouts & Trainings

Innovation Lounge Expo Hall

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Wednesday, October 30


House Activations

Breakouts & Trainings

Innovation Lounge Expo Hall

Networking Lunches & Receptions

Fun & Entertainment


Hyatt Regency Crystal City

The Hyatt Regency Crystal City, in the heart of the Arlington, VA tech hub, serves as the home base for the full GovAI Summit experience, co-located with our flagship VOICE & AI event.

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